From Multiple Medications to None

In my late 20’s, my health started to mysteriously deteriorate.


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What started as an unhealed leg injury turned into something much worse. Something that left doctors scratching their heads and prescribing me more pills. Deep down, I knew something was really wrong; my body was practically screaming it.

After finally pushing to see a specialist, I was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a condition that eventually left me dependent on a wheel chair at age 30. I was shocked, confused, and terrified. Why was this happening to my body?

Throughout the next couple of years, I received diagnosis after diagnosis: rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal and others. More medications followed, 11-13 prescription pills a day during the worst moments. I took them faithfully believing I would get better. I didn’t; in fact, I felt worse.

I gained 70 pounds, far too much weight for my small 5’2” frame. My short-term memory was almost non-existent, a side effect of the medications. And I was losing more and more mobility in my leg. The fully functional, athletic, full-time working woman I once knew was slowly fading away.

The optimistic part of me spent time voraciously researching all of the symptoms and potential cures. (Mind you, this was in the 90’s when Google did not exist yet, and finding information was a real challenge.) The other side of me was losing hope. Would life always be this painful? Would I ever feel better? Would I ever walk again? I felt trapped, desperate, and ready to give up.

Then, one night, I got an unexpected wake up call. While relaxing in my living room watching a movie with my husband and close friends, my heart stopped. I felt myself leave my body, everyone oblivious to what was happening. And I entered a space filled with beautiful, warm light.

What I learned in this place would take a lifetime to explain, but the short of it was this: I had to start loving myself and stop making decisions based on fear; I had to stand in my power and stop putting my health in the hands of others. I had to stop eating processed, chemical ridden foods.  I had a knowing that everything was going to be okay.

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When I returned to my body, I knew I could heal myself. The first step was drastically changing my diet from soda, pizza, and food-like substances to one full of real, living foods: leafy greens, fresh vegetables and fruits, anything from the earth that grew without chemicals.

So I got to work and slowly started adding these things in, and “crowding out” the bad stuff. I weaned off the medications with the support of a doctor. And I got back to work in my garden, planting seeds and growing my own produce.

Slowly but surely, I lost that extra 70 pounds and went off each prescription drug, one by one.  Above all, I regained mobility in my leg and no longer needed a wheelchair!

My journey is just one example of the healing power of food and the amazing capacity the body has to heal itself. Today, I’ve made it my life’s mission to teach others how to discover their healing opportunities, just like I did and continue to do.



With over 25 years of experience in health and wellness, I have an extensive toolbox of scientifically proven techniques to help others regain their vitality.  I am certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition), in Permaculture, as a Master Gardener and I authored a #1 bestselling book on Amazon to boot.

I invite you to explore my services.

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