Tara has created her life’s work around her passion – energizing people and organizations to be healthier. She is president of Cultivating Health Inc., a practice that provides organizations with the ideas and tools to improve employee and organizational well-being, emphasizing painless lifestyle changes that are fun and effective.

Whether speaking before businesses, professional conferences, religious groups, universities, networking groups, or leading workshops, the message of wellness is sharply crafted to address what is relevant to each unique audience.

Some topics she speaks on include but are not limited to:

• Create a Workplace Where People Thrive
• Healthy Workplace Retreats
• Now’s the Time! Sustainable Work-Life
• Workman’s Comp: Must it be so adversarial?
• Healthy Living
• Conquering Chaos: Managing Stress and Burnout
• Say Goodnight to Insomnia
• New Approaches to Dementia in the ER
• Simple Steps to Prevent and Reverse Illness
• Choosing Healthy Doesn’t Mean Giving Up What You Love
• Stress and Hormones


Turn to Tara for inspiring presentations – and find plenty of humor along the way. If you or your company are looking for a speaker who can deliver inspiration, motivation, wellness or other health/healthy aging related topics that will benefit your employees, your fiscal investment toward benefits and the return to the company’s “bottom line”, contact Tara NOW to discuss what she can do to inspire your employees to overcome specific challenges and needs that you identify. Every talk is customized. Every day delayed is a day lost toward a healthy, happier and more productive workplace.